Providing Confidential Shredding Services

CSIreland provide document shredding services throughout Ireland - your confidential waste is safely collected and securely destroyed. We are able to offer a one off collection through our sack service or arrange a service agreement where collections are made weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or every eight weeks - we can advise on the most suitable collection frequency depending on the volume of waste that is produced.

The confidential waste is collected from your premises and then taken to be shredded. Industrial cross-cut shredders reduce the paper beyond recognition and a Certificate of Destruction is issued.

With CSIreland you can rest assured that your confidential waste is destroyed safely and securely. At Confidential Services Ireland we focus on maintaining confidentiality of Information. We are committed to providing the highest levels of security during the handling and destruction of this information.

Secure CCTV cameras monitor and protect our Destruction facility. Collection vehicles are fitted with CCTV and immobilization equipment. Constant communication and real time GPS tracking is maintained with all vehicles.

At present we cater for Accountants, Banks, Credit Unions, Solicitors and hope to add you to our extending list. So please don't hesitate to use our Service or telephone us with any queries.

6 Simple Steps for Confidential Document Destruction.

Confidential Waste??

Have you got confidential waste that you need to destroy, then you are at the right place

Give us a Call

Call us today on +44 (0)28 7135 4762 so we can best serve your needs

We Collect

We collect all over Ireland, regular and one off pick ups

We Shred

Our machinery shreds to DIN Level 4, and allows us to shred your documents so they can never be reconstructed. We guarantee the best security and uncompromised compliance.

Certificate of Destruction issued

As proof, you receive a Certificate of Destruction after each document shred to substantiate your compliance.

We Recycle the Waste

As an environmentally responsible company the shredded paper is sent for recycling.

Keeping Secure

Using a confidential waste management company is the safest and most secure method for paper shredding. Your confidential waste is destroyed using cross cut shredders and on completion a Certificate of Destruction is issued. As an environmentally responsible company the shredded paper is sent for recycling.

Recycling of Confidential Shredding

We recognise the importance of good environmental practice and are committed to best practice in environmental management - the paper we shred is all sent for recycling. Each year thousands of trees are saved by businesses shredding and recycling their confidential paper waste. All shredded paper is baled, ready to be sent to the paper mills for recycling, where it is used to the manufacture of a wide variety of products from tissues to high quality paper. By using CSIreland you will comply with the Data Protection Act and have a positive impact on helping our environment.

Shredded paper is baled and sent to our partner Highlander International in Scotland for consumption by their approved paper mills where its 100% recycled.

Our Equipment

Materials are shredded by our new state of the art 6060 Tri Shredder shredded not once or twice but a total of three times before being mixed and automatically bailed ready to be sent to the paper mills for recycling. (as used by the Deutsche Bank, Germany) Our TriShredder 6060 with its 3-stage shredding unit has a throughput of up to 2500 kg/h at security level 4. In combination with a baling press, we have the most complete secure disposal system

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliant

The law has changed - which came into effect May 2018 - it offers more power to citizens, in regards to what companies can do with their private data and at CSIreland we are determined to make sure all your obligations are discharged from a date shredding and destruction perspective.For more information on these regulations, please see our "guidelines" for GDPR here Alternatively Call us today for more information. t: +44 (0)28 7135 4762

Secure Bags & Bins to hold your Waste

CSIreland provide secure locked bags for depositing confidential material until it is collected for shredding. We also provide secure locked bins that permanently stay at your premises as they fill we collect per your request. Call us today for more information. t: +44 (0)28 7135 4762


Confidential Services Ireland is a licensed confidential waste carrier. License No. ROC 2126 carrier. Confidential Shredding to Security Level 4 Materials are shredded to 7.5mm At DIN 32757-1

CSIreland are a licensed Waste management company and we hold a WMEX licence no:33/04


Legal Profession

Document destruction that follows the letter of the law.

Medical Records Destruction Solutions

Legislation and Identity Theft make patient confidentiality critical.

Financial Services Shredding Solutions

Secure document destruction for financial records.

Document Shredding for Government Offices

Government document shredding protects your tax payers' information and their best interests

Paper Shredding Solutions for Medium to Large Businesses

Paper shredding solutions that let you get on with business.

Paper Shredding Services for Small Businesses

Small business paper shredding solutions that deliver big protection.


What can CSIreland do to ensure YOUR data destruction procedures meet GDPR requirements?

  1. We will ALWAYS collect and destroy your old documents to DIN 32757-1 Security Level 4 standards
  2. We will ALWAYS offer customers the chance to view the materials being destroyed
  3. We will ALWAYS shred your material within 24 hours of receipt at our destruction centre
  4. Our staff will ALWAYS be background checked to BSEN 15713 standards
  5. We will ALWAYS be on hand to offer advice and guidance on GDPR requirements
  6. We will ALWAYS provide a competitively priced service, removing the worry about shredding costs
  7. Our secure collection options will ALWAYS meet your GDPR requirements
  8. We will ALWAYS provide a secure storage and collection solution for your old documents
  9. Our unrivalled service will ALWAYS mean your documents NEVER get into the wrong hands!

We advise all customers that by holding information and confidential data for too long, you are potentially exposing yourselves to unnecessary scrutiny, potential breaches of the GDPR Regs and potential fines of up to £17M or 4% of the companies worldwide annual turnover PLUS individuals are now also able to claim for compensation if they fall victim to a company, or organisation not complying with the GDPR! Don't take ANY chances with your records

At CSIreland we STRONGLY encourage people to shred old documents as soon as they become redundant, rather than unnecessarily retaining them - or simply put for your old documents "Once they're dead, it's time to shred!"

Please do not hesitate to contact is for more information - speak to one of our shredding experts NOW at +44 (0)28 7135 4762 or at - we look forward to hearing from you!

For more information on the GDPR legislation, please visit the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) at


Our relationship-building journey, which is lined with credibility and expertise, testimonials from loyal customers are a critical part of the presence of our business.

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